Introducing the Data Access Project

Since we announced our partnerships with ProPublica and the city of Louisville, we’ve fielded dozens of similar inquiries from governments and citizens alike: how can we empower more people, with more access, to more public data?

We also recently enabled partners to build services that use RSS feeds to run Applets. After launching this new platform feature, we realized we now had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to data access.

There are hundreds of open feeds sharing valuable, interesting data. But finding and using that data hasn’t been so simple — until now.

The Data Access Project

Applets are an incredibly powerful way to interact with data. To empower our users and partners, we decided to seek out valuable public feeds and give them a presence on IFTTT. Today, we’re thrilled to showcase the first group of new services we’ve built, for what we’re calling the Data Access Project.

They cover a diverse swath of topics: The economy, cyber security, health and travel alerts, public transit, and more. Scroll through to see the full list — we’re spotlighting some of our favorite Applets here, but there’s 100s more to explore (and build!).

Stay up to date on economic indicators and new regulations

Follow along with the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Economic Analysis as they track the growth of the U.S. economy.

You can also get investor alerts from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or go global with the International Monetary Fund’s Economic Outlook reports.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency provide insights and updates on new government regulations.

Discover new research and ignite your curiosity

Turn on Applets that connect you to a world of fascinating information and new research. Dig into the Library of Congress’ rich and varied collections.

Get updated on new discoveries from the National Science Foundation, or today in Energy news from the Energy Information Association.

Check out the American Psychological Association service to find fascinating insights into the workings of the mind. 

For even more breadth and depth you can tap into, the online portal for the entire federal government. Or follow the latest in nonpartisan reporting, across a huge range of issues, from Pew Research Center.

Feeling inspired by all of this new information? We'd like to help you get out there and discover something yourself! Use the service to find new funding opportunities. 

Go behind the scenes with the U.S. military and monitor cyber security threats

The Department of Defense shares regular updates and photos covering every branch of the military.

Tap into Homeland Security (legally!) via the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team and the National Vulnerability Database. It’s easy to share updates with your coworkers.

Get important travel and health alerts

You can feel good about booking those plane tickets: Applets for U.S. Department of State travel alerts, World Health Organization outbreak news, and updates from The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime will give you an eagle-eye view on the world.

It’s easy to monitor threats that may be closer to home, too — the Centers for Disease Control and the United States Department of Agriculture will keep you in the loop on food and drug recalls.

Take charge of your health by getting the news you need about new treatment options: shares updates related to diabetes, cancer, and asthma.

Optimize your commute and get to know your city or state

Global issues, groundbreaking research, and federal policies are certainly important. But how can you focus on them when you’re stuck on a delayed train or dealing with an unexpected detour? That’s why we’re bringing on as many transit agencies as we could tap into.

Explore Applets that work with Amtrak, NJ Transit, King County Metro, the Maryland State Highway Administration, San Francisco’s MTA Blog, the Toronto Transit Authority, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Caltrain, and the Chicago Transit Authority.

In the spirit of Smart Louisville, we’re also looking at specific regional or city-based feeds. We believe citizens are interested in taking action, and want to make sure they have the data they need to stay informed. Check out the services we’ve built for the City of Tampa and the Texas Legislature.

This is definitely a record for the most simultaneous service launches on IFTTT —  but it’s only the beginning of the Data Access Project.

We’ll keep you updated here on new developments and new services. In fact, check back next week to learn how we’re using this initiative to bring more non-profits onto IFTTT.