Cute bots, smart kettles, internet controls, & more — new on IFTTT

September’s launches are perfect for making memories, staying in touch, getting cozy, and spending time as a family. It’s like the universe is easing us into the holiday season! Take a look at what came to IFTTT last month.

Say cheese

Two new updates for photography fans. Aura Frames is a smart photo display system that can show off your pics or any number of inspiring images. You could even pair it with Jibo — this voice assistant launched in beta earlier in the year, but they’re back with a new trigger: Jibo can now take photos. Smile!

Meet the IFTTT bot!

After a few weeks in a private beta, we were delighted to go live with our Facebook Messenger integration. Applets can bring important information into your chat with the IFTTT bot so you’re always up to date and informed.

Hi from the UK

Two devices from UK-based companies made their debut last month. Smarter, which has a range of innovative smart kitchen appliances, launched their iKettle. And Hive added to their range of services with Hive Active Thermostat. Stay toasty, and have a cuppa.

Manage the ins and outs of your home

Whether they’re in real life, via your door or garage; or virtual, via the internet — you want to have control and visibility into what’s coming into and out of your home. Amarr Entrematic’s garage and door systems have the first scenario covered. And Circle’s innovative internet controls make managing the online habits of anyone in the house easy and automatic. Their partnership with Disney will help keep your kids happy, even while you’re regulating their screen time!

Finally, Optus Smart Living also brought their service online. Based in New Zealand, Australia, and China, they want to educate people about smart homes. They’ve curated an impressive selection of Applets to help tell that story.

Don’t want to wait for the October wrap-up to hear about the latest and greatest on IFTTT? Our refreshed IFTTT service has some Applets for that, too. Turn them on, and be the first to know when a new app or device hits the platform.

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