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Trello tips: boost your productivity with Applets

Trello is a helpful tool for organizing the projects in your life, and it’s popular for teams, too! You can use it to plan, track, and collaborate on projects of all types. Whether you use it as an individual, or with a team, take your productivity to the next level with these Applets.

Make cards quickly and automatically

Trello is about saving time, not spending extra minutes creating and managing cards. IFTTT can help you create cards when you’re on the go between meetings. Applets can also save you hassle by automating regular tasks and notes. Familiar with the recurring cards Power-Up in Trello? Let IFTTT create recurring cards, and save your Power-Ups for other features.

Generate cards from other business tools

A lot of productivity loss happens because of context-switching — having to go between different projects or tools and re-orient yourself. Applets can connect Trello with the other tools you use, so that cards are created without disrupting your workflow.

Keep the team updated

Team collaboration relies on communication, but no one wants to spend all their time sending out updates. With IFTTT and Trello, that communication can happen automatically! Keep everyone in the know with Applets that post updates from Trello to the channels where the team already communicates.

Add visuals to your boards

Is it too cliché to say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Visuals on your Trello cards can help you and your team add context and find cards quickly. Here are a couple of Applets to help you easily add that extra detail.

See to-dos and accomplishments in new ways

Looking at tasks in different ways can help you track and analyze your progress, uncover new trends, and cater to different workstyles across your team. Use Applets to automatically put to-dos and accomplishments from Trello into the format your team members prefer.

Sync your work across different systems

With so many tools out there, it’s common for individuals and teams to use dozens of different ones to manage various aspects of their work. Instead of spending time getting the right information into the right tools for the right people, use Applets to sync Trello with other apps automatically.

Ready, set, go (be more productive)! Connect Trello Applets and see how much more you can do.