Home hubs, data flows, safety alerts & more — new on IFTTT

The end of the year is always a busy time at IFTTT HQ. In between bites of turkey we managed to help thirteen new apps and devices launch their services. Here’s what’s new!

New ways to manage your smart home

With CES just around the corner, devices and apps are getting ready for the big show and an IFTTT service is a must. SwitchBot, eWeLink Smart Home, digitalSTROM, iO.e, and sRemo all offer different ways to build a smart home command center and control all your devices. And Somfy brought two services online this month: the TaHoma hub and their Connected Thermostat.

Robot takeover

Well, not quite — but the popularity of the new iRobot service from Roomba shows that people are ready for more automated help in the home. Luxafor’s smart lights and BOND’s system for controlling fans round out the new devices launched last month.

Tracking and safety

Keep yourself and your stuff safe with these new partners: SafeTrek offers new ways to send for help and tracMo’s Bluetooth finder can keep you connected to all your important items.

Data, data, everywhere

Finally, we know that this time of year there’s probably a mountain of work sitting between you and your holiday vacation. We got you: data.world works with all your datasets and streams to help automate and save time. Sync it with our newly revamped Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs services to take your productivity up a notch.

That’s a wrap on November launches on IFTTT! Check back in January to see what launched in December — or use these Applets to find out the minute something new hits the platform.

Interested in seeing your service on IFTTT? Visit the platform to learn how to build, and get started.