Demolish dust bunnies with iRobot + IFTTT

Keeping your floors clean can feel like a thankless chore. Pet hair, dust, dirt, and other debris pile up in an instant. As soon as you’re done cleaning, it’s time to start all over again. 

It’s enough to make you think fondly of Rosie 🤖 from the Jetsons. Remember her? She followed the family around, sweeping up after them, so they could spend their time zipping around in their flying cars. Well, iRobot® Roomba® robot vacuum has the power to be your Rosie. Your Roomba® robot will help keep your floors clean, with minimal effort on your part.

iRobot® built Applets that help you to fine-tune your vacuuming experience, integrating it with your other smart home 🏡 technology, controlling when and how your Roomba® cleans, and alerting you when the job is done.

Come home to clean floors

Would you love having one less thing to think about at the end of the day? Your Roomba® robot allows you to program vacuuming around your schedule. These Applets tell your Roomba® to get to work whenever you leave the house, so you can come home to sparkling ✨ clean floors every time.

Clean by room

Even if your Roomba® robot starts working as soon as you leave the house, there are moments when certain rooms need a little extra cleaning oomph. Maybe dinner prep can get a little out of hand, or you’re having people over and want to give the living room some extra sparkle, or it’s a particularly windy 💨 day and you’re dealing with more debris than usual. These Applets enlist your Roomba® for help right when and where you need it most.

Robots should be seen, not heard

We understand that you may not always want a little robot underfoot. These Applets let you send your Roomba® robot vacuum back to its dock when you get home, have an unexpected visitor, or need to stop your vacuum to take a phone 📞 call.  

Good job, Roomba® 

Everyone likes to celebrate a job well done, and your Roomba® is no exception. These Applets get the word out when your floors are clean, with flashing lights and music. Time for a party 🎉!

These are just a few of the many ways iRobot® can help keep the dust bunnies at bay. Check out the rest of the iRobot® Applets to keep your home tidy and welcoming, 24/7 ✅.

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