Integrate the Apple Shortcuts app with IFTTT

  • The Shortcuts app on Apple is a great way to enhance the way your Apple devices integrate with the world around you. By combining the power of Shortcuts and IFTTT, you can easily connect and manage automations that make your life easier, make you more productive, and save yourself time every day.

    The services and devices in your life should work better together, and we can help make it possible.

    Shortcuts can create both triggers and actions, meaning you can change the settings on your phone or build custom Siri commands that connect to devices in your home. IFTTT is now compatable with Shortcuts, giving you all-new ways to make every thing work better together!

    Shortcut and IFTTT automations

    In addition to optimizing the way you use Siri, Shortcuts can be used to generate automations.

    Elevate your daily wellness or mindfulness routine by changing the lighting in your home when you open a mindfulness app, or use your Sleep schedule to optimize your evening routine and secure your home in the evening.

    We recommend giving your Applets and automations consistent names to make them easy to manage and navigate.

    Create the Applet

    The first step here is to make the Applet with IFTTT.

    1. Select Create to make a new Applet
    2. Add iOS Shortcuts as the trigger
    3. Add the action for your Applet, this can be any service you want to use.
    4. Click Continue
    5. When prompted, edit the Applet Title if you want to customize it
    6. Click Finish to save your new Applet

    Create the Siri Shortcut

    To create the Shortcut, open the Shortcuts app.

    1. Select the "+" on the Shortcuts homescreen.
    2. Select, "Add action".
    3. Navigate to "Apps" and tap the IFTTT icon.
    4. Select "Trigger Applet".
    5. Name your Shortcut. This will be the custom phrase you will use to trigger your Applet.

    Trigger an Applet from a Shortcut automation

    The Automation tab within the Shorcut app goes beyond Siri and allows you to connect your Applets to many unique functions from your Apple device. You can trigger an Applet when you connect to CarPlay, when you receive messages from specific people, when you connect to your home's wifi, or even when certain apps are opened. These automations can also include optimizing your focus sessions or letting you know when your device's battery is low.

    1. Select the Automations tab in Shorcuts.
    2. Tap the "+" to create a new automation, and select "Create Personal Automation".
    3. Choose the trigger of your choice.
    4. In the Action section, select "Add Action" and search or tap IFTTT under Apps.
    5. Choose the Trigger Applet option and select the Applet you want to trigger (the trigger for the IFTTT Applet must be the button widget for it to appear in this list).
    6. If available, toggle the "Ask Before Running" toggle on or off. We recommend turning it off so you do not need to verify each time the Applet runs.
    7. Customize the name for your automation and select "Done"!

    Get started

    Connecting the Shortcuts app to IFTTT is just one of the many ways you can integrate your Apple devices with IFTTT. Create your next Applet to try it out yourself.


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