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What is Maker?

Maker is a free tier on the IFTTT platform that gives users access to more sophisticated Applet creation tools. While only the partner tier of the platform can publish services on IFTTT, Makers can now build Applets with multiple actions and filter code — and publish them for other people to use.


What are filters?

As a Maker, you have access to more sophisticated tools that allow you to build Applets with multiple actions and custom filters. Filter code can help you add conditionals or randomization that changes how an Applet runs. Learn more about using triggers, actions, and filters.


How do I get help with building Applets as a Maker?

At this time, we’re unable to troubleshoot Applets you build as a Maker. We encourage you to experiment and try different combinations of triggers, actions, and filter code as you become familiar with the Maker tier. For community feedback, take a look at our pages on Reddit and Hackster.io.


What happened to the Maker service?

The Maker service is now the Maker Webhooks service! There you can integrate other services on IFTTT with your DIY projects using simple web requests. However, you cannot publish Applets you build that use the Maker Webhooks service.


Where can I see all of the Applets I build as a Maker?

While logged into the IFTTT platform, you can view your Maker created Applets on your Maker profile page:

Note you cannot update triggers or actions in Applets once they’re in a Published or Archived state.


Can I publish a service if I’m a Maker?

No. Only the partner tier of the platform can add a service to IFTTT. However, as a Maker, you can build and publish Applets that work with any service on IFTTT — even if you don't personally have that service connected.