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My Applet isn’t running as expected.

  • Verify that the service is activated (turned on).

  • Double-check the Trigger and Action fields in your Applet. Verify that the intended Ingredients are being used where and how they should be.

  • Re-authenticate the services involved in your Applet by clicking "Edit connection" on each service’s page. Outdated permissions or credentials can cause the connection to break.

If you still need help, please contact us with your IFTTT username and a clear description of the issue. We usually respond within 1-2 business days. Sending multiple emails regarding the same issue may cause a delay in response.


Why hasn’t my Applet run?

Applets are triggered on new content only. Previously created content will not trigger the Applet.

  • Verify that the service is activated (turned on).


Where can I find my Applet ID?

You can find the personal Applet ID at the bottom of the Applet page on IFTTT.com and in the IFTTT mobile app. 


Why is there an “Image not found” message on my post?

This error message occurs when you’re using an Applet that has an IMG URL ingredient in the trigger, but the content posted does not contain an image.

If you are seeing this error message often, consider removing the IMG URL ingredient from the Applet.