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My Wordpress Applet isn’t working correctly

  • Make sure XML-RPC is enabled for your WordPress blog.

  • Make sure the username you have activated has full Admin rights.

  • Double-check that the Blog URL is correct, and that you're running the latest version of WordPress.

  • If you’re still having issues , you can still trigger from your blog by using its RSS Feed with the Feed service.


My RSS feed is not working correctly

RSS feeds used in the Feed service have a few requirements:


I moved recently, but my Applets are still showing weather information for my previous location

To change the location used in Weather Applets, you’ll need to refresh the Weather service and update it to the correct location.

  • Open the Weather service page.

  • Select Settings.

  • Select Edit connection.

  • Enter your zip code or the first three letters of your location.

  • Select your location.

  • Click Connect to save your changes.


I’m unable to connect to the Hue service

Try troubleshooting Hue by following the instructions below:

  • Verify you are logged into Hue app (v2)

  • Verify your Hue bridge is connected to your Hue account

  • Verify bridge is online in Hue app (v2)

  • Connect or reconnect the Hue service

  • Wait 15-20 seconds to be redirected to IFTTT


I’m having trouble getting the Harmony service to work correctly

The Harmony service currently works with Ultimate Home, Home Control, or Home Hub products. Harmony products that do not come with a Wi‑Fi enabled Harmony Hub cannot integrate with IFTTT.

For assistance with connecting your Harmony device to IFTTT, please visit Harmony’s support page.

Try rebooting your device by following the instructions provided here if:

  • Your Harmony device stops sending commands.

  • The Harmony app is unable to discover the hub.

If you continue to experience difficulty, we suggest reaching out to Harmony directly.


How do I keep the '@' symbol from disappearing in Twitter Applets?

To prevent spam and abuse, Twitter’s terms of service does not allow the use of the @ symbol.


How many SMS messages can I receive each month?

The SMS service has a monthly message limit of 100 SMS messages per calendar month for users in U.S and Canada, and 10 SMS per month for users outside North America.

You will receive an email alert when you are close to reaching your monthly SMS limit. When the monthly limit has been reached, your personal Applets that send SMS will be paused. They will resume again on the first day of the next calendar month. To avoid the monthly message limit, you can switch Applets that use SMS to Notifications.


I’m having trouble with my Maker Applets

The Maker service is a DIY service. Because the projects made with Maker are so unique, we’re unable to offer technical support for Maker Applets. If you're having trouble we recommend that you join Hackster.io. Hackster.io is a large, engaged community where users can get help with their projects and connect with others.