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gO aHeEaD aNd kEeP gOsSipiNg AbOut mE...:) I cOulD cArE leSs ... Ur oNlY maKiNg mE fAmOuS ...! ;) Hey, tHiS iS mY hOmEpAgE, sO I hAvE tO sAy sOmEtHiNg aBoUt mYsElF. SOmEtiMeS iT iS hArD tO iNtRoDuCe YoUrsSelf bEcAuSe yOu kNoW yOuRsElF sO wElL tHaT yOu dO nOt kNoW wHeRe To sTaRt wItH... Let mE GiVe a tRy tO sEe wHat kInD Of iMaGe yOu hAvE aBoUt mEtHrOuGh mA SeLf-dEsCriPtiOn. Here it goes. ~~ iAm a cRaZy GuY LiKe 2 dO, 2 See& 2 eXpEriEnCe MaNy tHiNgS. I dOnT bEleiVe tHiNgs uNtiLL dEy hApPeN.. wHaT mAkEs mE aNgrY iZ ShOw off, iN coMpeTeNcE, wHeNi hAv 2 sUffeR fOolS lAsT bUt ...
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