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PNW grown. Got my head in the clouds & feet on the ground. Getting lost in my thoughts is a habit of mine; My train of thought likes to wander off the tracks. Mind is wide open; hope is infinite. Small in stature, big in heart & imagination. Cursed with depression & plagued by anxiety. Confliction is my infliction. I am who I am and I'm not afraid to admit it. A peculiar girl in a great wide world; A clumsy girl falling in the air of existence. This is what you get. ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ISFJ | Ambivert | Divergent Empath | Clairesentient Perfectionist | OCD ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ …
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