Monzo + IFTTT are changing the future of finance

"Ever since we founded Monzo back in 2015, we've been striving to give people ultimate control over their own money..."

— K. McHugh, Engineer, Monzo

People are accustomed to an unprecedented level of connectivity and control over the apps and services they use every day. The banking industry, however, which has struggled to develop new ways for customers to control their accounts beyond the typical telephone and online banking, remained a lone holdout — until now.

Monzo is the online banking platform built for the way people live today. It empowers users to make smart decisions about their everyday spending by offering integrated money management tools, customizable savings options, no foreign transaction fees, and other exciting innovations.

"We saw an opportunity to create new ways for people to interface with their bank account. The first step was to create the Monzo Public API — allowing people to see all their transactions in real time."

— K. McHugh, Engineer, Monzo

The EU’s 2018 Opening Banking directive opened up new possibilities for customized connectivity. For Monzo, however, building a platform that could support the unique money management needs of its customers was not possible. In order to realize its goal of creating a truly bespoke banking experience, Monzo needed a strategic partner who could provide the necessary infrastructure and robust API.

"Partnering with an automation platform to provide a level of abstraction on top of our API was very important to us. We considered a few platforms, but we chose IFTTT because it's free to end users, has a great intuitive design, and a thriving ecosystem of partners."

— K. McHugh, Engineer, Monzo

Monzo became the first bank to allow users to seamlessly link their bank accounts and transactions to hundreds of other products and services — from voice assistants to smart thermostats. Through IFTTT, Monzo is able to offer its users complete control of how banking integrates into the rest of their digital life.

"...the IFTTT integration is in many ways much more powerful than anything we could have built."

— S. Vans-Colina, Engineer, Monzo

The power of Monzo + IFTTT is seemingly limitless. Currently, there are over 600 services, apps, and devices in IFTTT’s ecosytem. By implementing the IFTTT Platform API in an extensible way, Monzo’s engineering team ensured it would be possible to add new triggers and actions as IFTTT expands. The potential for user customization is unparalleled.

Some of the most innovative Monzo Applets are designed to connect users’ financial habits with their other goals. Users can set a daily allowance to curb impulse spending, receive a weekly digest to track expenses, reward themselves for going to the gym, or even remind themselves to drink more water and less coffee. The possibilities are nearly endless — and can be tailored to address very specific behaviors and needs.

"The response we've had from customers has been overwhelmingly positive… we've attracted a huge amount of positive media attention — including articles in WIRED magazine and The Times (UK newspaper)."

— K. McHugh, Engineer, Monzo

Users have embraced Monzo’s IFTTT integration. Since launching in mid-June, 10,000 users have connected Monzo + IFTTT, turning on almost 11,000 Applets. Top service connections through IFTTT include: date and time, email, Google Sheets, Strava, and Google Calendar.

Tracking Applet usage and popularity provides insights that user surveys simply can’t match, allowing Monzo to make truly consumer-led product decisions. So, not only can Monzo provide bespoke banking experiences without increasing their engineering overhead, when they do decide to invest resources in new features, they can be confident that their customers will love the result.

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