What is IFTTT?
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Help people save more money, faster

Connect savings and budgeting with the lifestyle habits, apps, and devices your users love

Our fintech customers


Saving money and better budgeting is good. But it's not a weekly, daily, hourly priority for everyone. How might you connect savings and budgeting to the everyday habits of users without being intrusive?

Banks and fintechs today are navigating a volatile and ever-evolving landscape of expenses with their users. Plus, to be honest, banks are not the speediest of innovators or adopters. Let's help change that.


IFTTT makes saving and budgeting fun, seamless, and personal. By connecting financial accounts to the apps and devices that fill users' everyday lives, you can offer product experiences that reward and fit the habits unique to them.

We know that members who use IFTTT save almost twice as much and reach 68% more goals than members who don’t.

Henrik Wrangel , Head of Product Experience at Qapital


Turn savings into rewards-driven Applets

Motivate users to save from their everyday habits. Connect your product to the apps and devices users love!

Infinitely flexible to your users

Embed integrations in your apps, email, website, or anywhere your users are.

Connect with every thing

Expand your API to the world's largest ecosystem of apps and devices. Let IFTTT's community help guide which integrations and Applets you build next.

Follow user behavior

See beyond the perimeter of an account and into the countless ways users connect finances to the products in their lives.

How fintech developers use IFTTT

IFTTT provides flexible APIs, SDKs, and step-by-step documentation for turning any endpoint into a trigger, action, or query — the building blocks of every Applet. Publish your Applets for everyone to use or embed them directly in your apps with the Connect API. For example:

This what an IFTTT-powered, embedded Fitbit feature might look like inside the Acme Bank app. It uses our Connect API and SDKs to put integrations directly into clients for a seamless, native experience.

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