SSG Smart

SSG Smart

SSG Smart gives you a smarter and easier way to control your home devices, it can work with other services to help you get things done.

SSG is the manufacturer of smart home devices including smart alarm system, smart plugs, smart lighting , smart switches, smart sprinkler controller and smart aroma diffuser and humidifier.



SSG Smart


  • Smart Alarm mode is changed

    This trigger fires when a mode is armed, disarmed, bypassed, alarming or ringing

    Trigger Fields
    • Which Alarm System ?
    • Which Mode?
SSG Smart


  • Change mode of Smart Alarm

    This action will arm, disarm, bypass, alarm or ring a mode.

    Action Fields
    • Which Alarm System?
    • Which Mode?
  • Turn on or off

    This action will turn on the device of your choosing.

    Action Fields
    • Which device?
    • Turn on or off?
  • Activate scene

    This action will activate the specified scene.

    Action Fields
    • Which Scene?
  • Set light color and brightness

    This action will set your light to a specified color and brightness.

    Action Fields
    • Device
    • Color
    • Brightness