Post Facebook Status to Google Plus via Google SMS Email Address

Setup Positing to Google+ through email: Now, let’s walk through the step by step instructions of how to setup and post to Google+ via email: Important: Your Google+ email address must be the same as your Google Voice email account. 1. Login into your Google Voice account. 2. Click on the gear icon on the topmost right of your screen. 3. Click on Voice settings. 4. Click on the Voicemail & Text tab. 5. Check the Text Forwarding option Forward text messages to my email: 6. Hit Save changes button. 7. Now click on the Text button and send a message to Google+ sms number (33669 in USA or 9222222222 in India). 8. You’ll immediately receive an SMS saying 33669: Google+: Did not understand the request. 9. Now go to your gmail account you use for Google+ and you’ll find a email from Google voice with the same message as above. 10. Look for the from address of that email. a. It’ll look like: (yourphoneno = your google voice number, googlesmsno = google+ sms number, somecode=some id). 11. Make note of this email address, as this is your unique Google+ email address. 12. Sending an email to this address WON’T yet allow you to post to your Google+ stream (The reason is : Your Google Voice phone number is not yet associated with your Google+ profile). 13. Now goto your Google+ profile, hit the gear icon on the topmost right and click Google+ settings. 14. You’ll find a link saying Add phone number. Enter your Google Voice phone number and hit Send Verification Code. 15. Now goto your Google Voice account and get the verification code. 16. Come back to your Google+ profile and input the verification code. 17. That’s it, now you have successfully associated your Google+ profile with your Google Voice phone number and you are ready to use posting via Email.

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