Use Siri to add daily reminders to SwipesApp

These instructions assume you (1) have an iphone (2) have the IFTTT app (3) know how to use SIRI (4) have an evernote account and (5) have the Swipes productivity app - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup: 1) Create an iOS Reminders list called "Swipes" 2) Create an Evernote list called "Swipes" 4) In SwipesApp go to Settings and enable Evernote integration (ensure option to auto import notes with "swipes" tag is selected. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exectution: 1) Summon Siri and say: "Add Swipes reminder to [speak your task/action]" 2) This iOS reminder will appear as a to-do item in Swipes! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caveat - you must have "Background app refresh" on for IFTTT on your iphone.

by jordazzl

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