A Holiday Greeting

I have often wanted to speak of the dumbest shit I see on Facebook and there would be plenty of fodder believe me. There is a good chance I have contributed to the medium in the “dumb as a stump/ narcissistic and self promoting” departments. I assure you it stops there….well for now. I have a feeling I will return to this endless resource, time and time again. As much as I am, at times amused, repulsed, and informed. I am delightfully surprised when I find something that gives me all of the above, by the stuff people post on here. Facebook gives me an insight into what is happening with people, their thoughts and what moves them at any given time and in any given part of the world. It is an insight which we could not have had B.F.B. That means Before Facebook to you laymen. By the way, If Facebook is one word why is the acronym F.B.? But I digress. Today I want to send a holiday greeting and with this message I share something to remind us all where we stand and who we are, especially at this reflective and deeply meaningful time of the year. So what time of the year is it? Can anyone tell me? Yes that’s right for those lucky select few this is Christmas time and only Christmas time. It is not a seasonal holiday where some of mankind celebrate their own spiritual and traditional holidays and since we are living in our own little microcosm there is no point in being inclusionary. I have asked myself, what if a person not celebrating Christmas spoke to me about their traditions and festivities then wished me Happy Hanukkah, or wished me a great Pancha Ganapati or Bodhi Day. How would I feel about it? I tell you here and now that I would be mortified because a beautiful gesture like that can only really be an underhanded way of diminishing my Christmas. So to them I would respond Merry Christmas-Merry Christmas-Merry Christmas, as if I was trying to say it three times fast! This would surely over rule my more important greeting over theirs. After all those of you who are the especially enlightened, which have posted that this is not a “Happy Holiday” it is a “Merry Christmas”, it can only mean two things. It must mean you have a line on how Jesus Christ came to be and that is divine conception, born on the 25th of December, just before “Black Friday” correct? To those of you who are not sure what “Black Friday” is, according to some insightful FB posts, it is when slave owners would sell their slaves at especially low prices at the end of a really industrious and productive week. You can imagine the people camping out for that. But, I digress yet again. Surely those of you who know this can only be Christmas, there is no doubt that you live a holy life the rest of the year, believing and sharing the holy doctrine of Christianity and continuing to do God’s work 24/7. So it is particularly incensing when there is an expectation to need to address Christmas as a Happy Holiday or a Seasonal Greeting, because the rest of the year you are so invested in the Christmas tradition. You know buying presents and shit. Since Christmas only happens on the 25th of December, does it still over rule any other religious holiday any other time of that month, therefore making that nominal holiday just another Merry Christmas? Yea I think so. I could count from here to Festivus and it still would not match the amount of times I have been reprimanded for saying Merry Christmas. Surely the ones that stand up, who are so urged to post such injustices, have all felt the same scorn. Day in day out walking through highly inhabited shopping malls, with Christmas gifts and tree in tow, saying Merry Christmas while people throwing what they call “Holiday Decorations” at you, in response, yelling things like “Happy Holiday Asshole!” or “Don’t say Merry Christmas and go suck a bag of dicks!” then they proceed to throw what looks to be a real bag of dicks for you to suck on. Now with an ornamental wreath on your head the Christmas tree on your shoulders, the pelting of rocks and garbage continues until your knees weaken that you barely make it to your SUV. Conveniently parked in a handicapped spot for such an occasion. Because really when you returned to your car you kind of were less able bodied. Or if I am going to be a bit more politically correct, “a fuckin retard.” So to all of you who are so sure what time of the year and what holiday it is, it is a time to share it with people we love, who love us in return, it is a time of year when words, labels, how we celebrate our traditions and beliefs, are at a very distant second to being kind and sharing with the rest of humanity. It is not a time to create phantom enemies but to observe how most of us just want the same things. Mostly it is about giving, not things, but ourselves, that is what it has always been about while over the years that giving has been translated to material things and driven us into hyper-commercialism. That goes against the very nature of the things Jesus Christ stood for. So if there is something to defend it is not the title it is the spirit. To my friends all over the world have a beautiful, and safe Holiday Season!

by throwdistance

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