Submit Audio Recording to Day One

Until the Day One app makes it possible to record audio entries, here is the workaround I use. You can use this recipe in conjunction with another of my recipes, "Email an (Audio!) Entry to Day One", to automatically post audio recordings as Day One entries. Here is how to do it: use a voice memo app like DropVox (on iOS) or Netmemo Plus (on Android) to store your recordings in a dedicated Dropbox folder, such as "recordings". Then enter the address in the recipe below. The other recipe will then submit the direct download link to the audio-file as a new Day One entry. Although Day One developers promise it will one day be possible to record audio entries in Day One directly, I'm actually not sure whether that will work out fine (better than this workaround). Some of my audio recordings for Day One are very long (hours long!), and I much prefer storing them in the cloud – certainly not locally on any of my devices.

by faterson

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