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[[Steps: 1. Select Trello Board, 2. Type Trello List Name, 3. Enter in email address field 4. Check 'Recieve Notification' (optional), 5. Click Add, 5. For this recipe to run you must be logged in with the same email address in the ToDo App]] Do you want to organize your life with Trello but want to keep track of daily tasks with simple ToDo app. Then this recipe is for you. Keeping the description short, this recipe gives us the freedom from "Opening up Trello App => Selecting Board => Finding ToDo List => Selecting Card" just to see daily ToDo tasks each time. If you are using a Trello board for everyday tasks to achieve weekly or monthly goals then you know how easy it would be if all the tasks had been exported as a small ToDo list to sit on the home screen and just strike-out finished tasks. This recipe reads the Cards, say from your 'Daily Tasks' list and adds it to your ToDo app, in this case, I hope this recipe helps all the Productive Ninjas out there.

by abrar2741

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