The Ultimate Wake-up Button


This Applet will get you kicking each morning. At the simple press of a Flic button: - Set a bright light scene in your room with Philips Hue. - Brew a cup of coffee with WeMo Coffeemaker. - Heat up your home with Nest. - Note in your Google calendar when you woke up. - Tell your office you'll be at site in 60 minutes using Slack. - Award yourself for waking up by saving $10 using Qapital.


Flic icon
Flic is clicked

This Trigger fires every time you click the selected Flic.


Philips Hue icon
Set a scene in a room

This Action well set a scene on your hue lights. NOTE: in order to add lights to a room, you must be using the newest version of the Hue app


WeMo Coffeemaker icon
Brew coffee

This Action will start a brew cycle with your coffeemaker.


Nest Thermostat icon
Set temperature

This Action will set a Nest Thermostat to the temperature you specify. NOTE: works only when Nest is set to Home.


Google Calendar icon
Quick add event

This Action will add an event to your Google Calendar. Simply include a detailed description of when and what.


Slack icon
Post to channel

This Action will post a message to the channel you choose in Slack.


Qapital icon
Save toward a goal

This Action will transfer money toward one of your goals.

Fewer details

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