Amazon Echo works with WEMO bulbs!!!


Ordered WEMO bulbs only to find out that ECHO did not control / detect them. Was about to return them and by some miracle read the latest ECHO update regarding IFTTT triggers. Decided to try controlling WEMO bulbs with AMAZON ECHO using IFTTT. It works! Please make sure the WEMO app updates your WEMO BULB to latest firmware.


Amazon Alexa icon
Say a specific phrase

This trigger fires every time you say "Alexa trigger" + the phrase that you have defined. For instance, if you set "party time" as the phrase, you can say "Alexa trigger party time" to have your lights loop colors.


WeMo Lighting icon
Turn on

Turns on the selected WeMo light. If it is already on it stays on.

Fewer details

ID dpNaTznU

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