Setup your sleep environment with Eight Night Mode


Setup your bedroom for a quality night sleep by dimming your Hue lights, turning down the room temperature with Nest Thermostat, and silence your Android phone.


Eight icon
Day and night mode

This Trigger fires when you tap the 'Night mode' or 'Day mode' buttons in the Eight App.


Philips Hue icon
Dim lights

This Action will dim or brighten your hue lights to a value between 0-100.


Android Device icon
Mute ringtone

This action will mute your Android device's ringtone. If your device is already muted, it will remain muted.


Nest Thermostat icon
Set temperature

This Action will set a Nest Thermostat to the temperature you specify. NOTE: works only when Nest is set to Home.

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ID i9xDcnT2

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