The Ultimate Leaving Home Button


Click a Flic button once to: - Turn off all your Hue lights - Turn down the temperature with Nest - Open the Garage door with Garageio - Turn off all electricity with WeMo switches - Arm your Blink security system - Close the window shades with Lutron Caséta - Slack your colleagues that you'll be in office in 30 minutes.


Flic icon
Flic is clicked

This Trigger fires every time you click the selected Flic.


Philips Hue icon
Turn off lights

This Action will turn off your hue lights.


Nest Thermostat icon
Set temperature

This Action will set a Nest Thermostat to the temperature you specify. NOTE: works only when Nest is set to Home.


Garageio icon
Open garage door

This Action will open the garage door you specify. If the garage door is already open, the door will remain open.


WeMo Insight Switch icon
Turn off

This Action will turn a WeMo Switch off. If the WeMo Switch is already off, it will remain off.


Blink icon
Arm system

This Action will set your Blink system to Armed.


Lutron Caséta and RA2 Select icon
Set shade position

This Action will set a Lutron shade to the position you specify.


Slack icon
Post to channel

This Action will post a message to the channel you choose in Slack.

Fewer details

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