The tech you'll buy and why

As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to look ahead. This fall, we surveyed our users to find out more about who they are, the technology they use, and what might change for them in 2017. Today we’re bringing you that final piece of the picture.

Fitness trackers are still of interest, but it seems that as more of you become comfortable with connected devices, you’re willing to bring them into your homes in a more permanent fashion. Over a third of you said a smart security system was a top priority — we’ve seen some amazingly innovative partners like Ring and Piper come on board this past year, and expect this category to continue to gain momentum.

The popular trio of connected lights, a thermostat, and an assistant to help manage them (with IFTTT, of course!) round out the top five.

We also asked how much you’re currently spending on services and smart devices, and whether you plan on increasing that amount next year.

About 25% of you are planning on spending more on services and smart devices in 2017.

The rest of you are, for the most part, planning to keep your spending levels steady. Unless of course, a new must-have device hits the market…!

When it comes to how you decide exactly what you spend your money on, we were honored to discover that we play a significant part in your process. 

This wraps up our survey reporting — a big thank you to all of the users who took time out of their day to give us some insight into their lives. Armed with this information, we feel confident that we’re on our way to fulfilling our mission: to help you do more with the services you love.

*We surveyed 1,043 users with Applets that ran within a month in September of 2016.