How to build an Applet

With hundreds of partners building on the platform, there’s no shortage of creative and useful Applets on IFTTT. You can connect services, browse them, and turn on any Applet that interests you with a simple switch.

However, we know that sometimes you want something that a partner hasn’t already built and published, or need an Applet with a custom spin on it. That’s why you can always make a new Applet! Here’s a quick step by step:

1. Under your username, select "New Applet."

Go to the dropdown under your username to make a new Applet

2. Choose your trigger — which service should kick off your Applet?

Tip: All Applets have either triggers (this) or actions (that), but not all have both triggers and actions. At the bottom of any service page you can click "Triggers and actions" to get an overview of how the service works with IFTTT. 

Pick the service that will trigger your Applet

3. Choose your action. Which service should do something when your trigger fires?

Customize the action and click “Create action.”

Pick the action service for your Applet

4. Title your Applet and save it. You’re done! Your Applet is on and it’s only for you: no other users can see it or turn it on.

Go to the dropdown under your username to make a new Applet

There’s no limit to the amount of Applets you can build for yourself. That feature comes in handy when you want Applets that work with multiple RSS Feeds, Craigslist searches, eBay hunts, New York Times sections...etc.

So much internet to play with, so little time. Try building an Applet today, and let us know how it goes! And if you’re looking for more tips on how to use IFTTT, check out our Help center.

P.S. Interested in building Applets that other users can turn on, have multiple actions, or Applets that work with services you don't personally have connected? You're a Maker! Learn more and sign up to use the IFTTT platform's more sophisticated Applet building tools.