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IFTTT loves space [infographic]

Early on in IFTTT’s history, we tapped into data from a few different places to build a service all about outer space. We had a hunch that our curious users would be interested in out-of-this-world news. Turns out, we were right. Really right. Take a look:

IFTTT loves outer space infographic

What a wild ride! We don’t know what the future will hold for space exploration, but we want to make sure you have every opportunity to hear about it. We've built some new Applets for the Space service that draw from some very cool sources: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), which carries out robotic space missions, and Universe Today, a popular astronomy and space news site.

Speaking of JPL, we figured we were long overdue for a visit. So we’re heading there for the grand finale of the Cassini mission this Friday, September 15th. We’ll be at mission control as the Cassini spacecraft ends its mission with a fall into Saturn’s atmosphere. 

Post-event update: 

We had an amazing time at JPL! You can see a recap with behind the scenes photos and videos, as well as some of our favorite #GoodbyeCassini tweets, in our Twitter moment:

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