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Haunt your house with IoT

Trick, treat...or tech! To help you prep for Halloween, we pulled together some Applets that can turn your house into a neighborhood legend.

Set a spooky mood with lighting

Today’s smart lights can illuminate in every color of the rainbow. Go with theme coloring triggered by the date, or tie it to a motion sensor or doorbell to try and creep out those who dare to approach.

Beat trick-or-treaters to the knock

Use a security sensor or camera to be ready with candy, throw on a spooky mask, or set off a more elaborate scare.

Capture the Halloween fun for the neighborhood

Use doorbells and motion sensors to capture the parade of trick-or-treaters passing by your house. After the big night you can stitch it all together as a souvenir for the neighborhood.

Automate some scares

You can buy a fancy motion-activated Halloween decoration, or you can get creative with your existing IoT. Dress up your robot vacuum and use a widget to sic it on unsuspecting party guests. Trigger a temperature drop when people enter the seance room. Or design your own poltergeist by hooking up your smart television, speakers, or lights to a button or motion sensor.

Happy haunting!

P.S. Don’t give out raisins. Kids don’t like that.