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Google Drive is new and improved

The Google Drive service is a cornerstone at IFTTT. It keeps our businesses and households running smoothly. It helps us organize research and store precious memories. It can even automatically build an archive of awe-inspiring NASA images. That said, we're always working to improve our services to better meet your needs.

Historically, Applets that interact with Google Sheets or Google Docs have fallen under the umbrella of Google Drive. Today, we’re excited to introduce new, separate services for Google Sheets and Google Docs — and some big improvements to the original Google Drive service.

Get to know Google Sheets and Docs

These new actions and triggers will help you keep your life organized and effectively collaborate with friends and colleagues across the globe.

From creating a social media archive and recording your work hours to tracking your caffeine consumption and reminding you to call your mom more, the Google Sheets service allows you to keep track of, well, pretty much anything.

Google Sheets triggers include:

  • New row added to spreadsheet
  • Cell updated in spreadsheet
  • New spreadsheet added

Google Sheets actions include:

  • Add a new row to spreadsheet

Whether you’re trying to remember discussion points from a meeting or rushing to finish up your honey-do list, Google Docs Applets make lingering fears over forgetting your action items a thing of the past.

Google Docs triggers include:

  • New document added

Google Docs actions include:

  • Create a document
  • Append to a document

Meet the improved Google Drive service

Even the most internet-savvy among us sometimes have trouble keeping track of our favorite articles, songs, and images. Applets for Google Drive can help you save and easily search everything — and automatically share the right files with the right people.

Google Drive triggers include:

  • New file in your folder
  • New video or photo in your folder
  • New starred file in folder

Google Drive actions include:

  • Upload a file from a URL (Note: there’s a 30 MB file size limit)

We hope these changes will encourage the creation of more Applets specific to Google Docs and Google Sheets — we can't wait to see what you do with these new tools. If you already have Applets that worked with Google Drive and now fall under these new services, don’t worry — you don’t have to take any action!

Spend some time with Sheets, Docs, and Drive, and let us know what you think.