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YouTube Creator Connections

  • YouTube Channel Memberships Integration

    Using the IFTTT and YouTube Channel Memberships integration allows you to collect information about your paid members, stay organized, and connect with members like never before!

    Getting the information that helps you connect with members via a custom form, and exporting an up-to-date list of your members makes it easier than ever to engage your members!

    Check out this video to get started and learn more about the latest YouTube and IFTTT connections.


    Create a form for your members

    Create custom forms or surveys to get information from your members on a variety of topics, from what they want to see on your channel to collecting T-Shirt sizes. This is an incredibly personalized way to build community with your members.

    Not only will your members feel like you are going above and beyond, but you get to learn more about your audience in their words.

    To create and enable your form, follow these steps:

    1. Enable this connection by tapping on Connect. You will be prompted to authenticate your YouTube account and a Google account. These will make it possible for the automation to work. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to the form setup. Customize the form to collect relevant data. You have the ability to customize the following fields:
    • Your Channel name should be the name of your channel. This will be displayed to Members filling out the form.

    • Fields (optional): The Connection comes with four prefilled fields, including full name, shipping address, email address, and phone number. Check the boxes depending on which information you would like requested in the form

    • Additional fields (optional): Modify this trigger field by adding additional information they’d like to request from their members. These items need to be separated by commas. For example: “Shirt Size, Shirt Style, Shirt Color”

    • Form description (optional): This field will display additional information on the form that users will see. It can be used to describe why you are requesting this information. EG “This form is being used to gather information for my Raffle for Tier 3 members that will take place on October 31st”

    • Toggle member form submission email (optional): If you check this box you will receive an email notification every time a member fills out their form.

    • Spreadsheet name: This field is used to name the Google Sheet that will be saved in your drive. This sheet contains member responses.

    • Drive Folder Path (optional): You can customize where the Sheet is stored in your drive. If left blank it will default to a folder titled “IFTTT”

    1. After entering the information above and clicking “Save”, you will receive a URL link to the form you created, and Information on where in your drive the Google Sheet was created.
    2. Start sending out this form by sharing the URL link to a members-only post in the Community tab, comments, or your perk instructions.
  • Download member list in real time

    Get your member list in a csv document at any time by using this easy automation. Use the steps below to make it happen.

    1. Click the connection on IFTTT or use this link from the connection description.
    2. Insert your Google email address and follow the authentication process for Google Drive.
    3. After authorizing your Youtube and Google Drive accounts, you will see a screen that allows you to start an export.
    4. Most exports will take about a minute to generate. Once generated, the export will be sent to the your email and a CSV copy will be saved to the your Google Drive
    5. You can run this connection again at any time at this link:

  • What else can IFTTT and YouTube do together?

    With ten triggers and access to over 700+ other brands, services, and devices, you can automate many of the things you do to as a Creator.

    Send out personalized thank you tweets or Discord messages to new members, or automatically share your latest video across your social channels.

  • Explore

    Want to do even more with IFTTT? Explore the possibilities and create powerful experiences by making your own Applets.


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