Create Zendone actions from Reminders

Sometimes you want to quickly create a Reminder in iOS rather than going into the Zendone app – especially if you're using Siri. But you may still like a record of the action in Zendone. This recipe takes Reminders and creates a Zendone action from it. You can add as little or as much information to the action as you like (area, project, context, due date etc). • {Title} becomes action name, • {List} becomes area of responsibility, • {Notes} can optionally be project, focus, context, and/or due date. e.g. Put in notes: HOM_Bike maintenance. Errand. Tomorrow. • {Priority} is added as a tag in Evernote (preceded by #). • the title, notes and date created are copied into the note body, but are entirely optional.

by nadnosliw

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