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To generate random Wikipedia page of specific category visit this great site: https://toolserver.org/~erwin85/randomarticle.php Simply add generated link to email body. For example this is my generated link (Polish wikipedia with few categories): http://tools.wikimedia.de/~erwin85/randomarticle.php?lang=pl&family=wikipedia&categories=Historia_nowo%C5%BCytna|%C5%9Aredniowiecze|Historia_Europy|Wojsko_Polskie|Biografie|Wojny|Ekonomia|Finanse|Informatyka|Technologia&namespaces=&subcats=1&d=10 Configure http://tinderizer.com/ to generate email to send to Kindle (it should be generated_mail_address@tinderizer.com). There's simple tutorial how to do it. Enjoy :)

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