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Introducing Group Location

  • Automate your favorite smart home devices as a family!

    Group Location allows you to start automations based on the location of everyone in your Group. Your Group could be your family, your roommates, your friends, or anyone you want!

    The new Group Location service will let your family save money, increase your safety, and stay connected with group-enhanced location Applets.

    To create a group, click Connect and invite anyone you want via email. Group members must download the IFTTT app on iOS or Android and enable location permissions.

    Group location lets everyone work better together

    While Group Location is a Pro service, we have created an Applet to allow you to try it out for free! 👇

  • Popular Group Location Applets

    Integrate your smart home devices with the location of the people in your household!

  • What can you do with Group Location?

    With nine triggers to choose from, Group Location is an extremely flexible service that you can use however you want. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

    1. Turn off lights when everyone leaves the house
    2. Turn on lights when everyone comes home
    3. Shut garage door when everyone leaves the house
    4. Turn on security system when everyone leaves the house
    5. Play music when someone gets home
    6. Send yourself notification when someone gets home (or leaves)
    7. Send yourself a notification for "Quality time" when everyone is home
    8. Save money every time the whole family is away from the house
    9. Change the AC when everyone leaves the house & change it back when everyone's home

    Group management

    Creating your Group When you select Connect for Group Location, whether on the service page or the create flow, you will be shown a Create Group screen. You can invite members of your Group now, but you always have the option to manage/add members later too (in case you want to create your Applets first and invite them later).

    The Group owner needs to be on an IFTTT Pro (or Pro+) plan. The rest of your Group members can be Free users. To try out Group Location, you can always use your 1-week free trial!

    Add/remove members to your Group You can navigate to the Manage Group page at any time to modify who is in your group.

    Can I make more than one Group? At the moment, Group Location is limited to a single Group per owner. If you would like to see multiple Groups as an option in the future, please let us know!

    Quick troubleshooting tips If you are running into any issues connecting to Group Location or making an Applet, please verify the following information:

    • Are you using the latest version of our Android or iOS apps? If not, please update your app and try again.
    • Are you using the correct email address for your friends or family? You can review the pending invites at here.
    • Does everyone in your group have the IFTTT app downloaded and the correct location permissions enabled on their phones? The iOS permissions required and Android permissions required.

    Ready to start using Group Location?

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