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Guide to social media automation

Social media works better with IFTTT. Social media content planning, sharing, and engagement looks different for every platform and user. To create systems that work for you and help you accomplish your goals, you need a tool that makes...

Guide to gaming automation

Gaming and streaming works better with IFTTT. Using automation and integration tools, you can streamline the processes that make your gaming experience even better and bring it IRL. With so many of the leading gaming services and...

How to unban someone on Discord

Follow these simple steps to learn how to unban someone on Discord for either Mac or PC:

How to upload more than 100mb to Discord

If you're trying to upload a file larger than 100MB to Discord, you'll need to take a few extra steps. First, you'll need to compress the file into a ZIP or RAR archive. Next, you'll need to upload the file to a cloud storage service...

How to change Twitter Handle

Feeling bored with your current Twitter handle? Click to learn how to change your Twitter handle here.

How to show you are watching Youtube on Discord

Show your friends what YouTube video you are currently viewing by displaying the custom status on your Discord profile. It’s simple and it also works with Netflix, SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube Music.

How to stream Netflix on Discord

Streaming Netflix on Discord is easier than ever. Click to learn how to stream Netflix on Discord!

YouTube Applets

For casual watchers, dedicated fans, and content creators alike, there are hundreds of ways to integrate YouTube videos into your life and your home. The easiest way to automatically share your latest videos with your audience across...

Having Trouble Hearing VALORANT Comms on Discord? Check out These Tips

If you're having trouble hearing VALORANT comms on Discord, don't worry - we've got you covered. In this blog post, we'll outline a few troubleshooting steps to take in order to get your VALORANT comms sounding crystal clear. With these...

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