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Wyze cameras, lights, and action

By The IFTTT Team

May 28, 2024

Wyze cameras, lights, and action
  • What you can do with Wyze devices

    Wyze is an extremely popular smart home brand for their modern and sleek appearance, accessible pricing, and the broad spectrum of devices on their site. From home monitoring, health accessories, and other smart home solutions, Wyze can be a one-stop shop for some.

    Once you purchase and set up your Wyze devices, you can begin to take advantage of the functionality that smart technology can provide.

    To get the most out of your Wyze technology, explore the powerful experiences and expansions that can be accessed using IFTTT.

    New to IFTTT?

    Hey, welcome! IFTTT is an automation and integration platform with over 700 devices, services, and apps available on our easy to use system. The possibilities are endless and users can choose from existing routines or create their own based on the devices they use every day. Choose from a widget button that you can access without unlocking your phone or create an automation that streamlines your entire morning with smart lights, appliances, and more.

    Learn more about what IFTTT can do here.

    Automate Wyze cameras and security monitoring

    Cameras, doorbells, detectors, alarms, locks, and sensors are all part of the comprehensive Wyze home security system. As you build or add to your system, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed by notifications and reminders.

    Streamline the ways that you are notified about motion, sounds, alarms, or low batteries with IFTTT. In addition to standard mobile notifications, you can receive custom notifications to the apps or services that you use most. Send notifications to your family’s Telegram or LINE chat, email a neighbour to check on the backyard at the end of the day if there was motion, or automatically add a reminder to recharge your device at the end of the day.

  • You can use your location as a trigger to turn your security devices on when you leave home, erasing the need to ask yourself “Did I lock the front door?”

    Tips and tricks for smart lights

    Wyze light bulbs can change to sixteen million colors, dim, and be seamlessly automated with other Wyze devices in your home. Using IFTTT, you can expand on the existing Wyze integration options while also automating your routines to include any other smart devices in your home.

    Use your bulbs as an indicator for your family to bring gloves when it’s cold or a hat when the UV index is high, or let them know you are in a meeting by turning the bulb a certain color when there is an event on your calendar.

  • Turn on your lights without needing to open a single app using the button widget, or create a welcome home Applet that turns on your porch light, unlocks your door, and even starts the kettle as you walk in.

  • Do more with Wyze smart plugs

    Smart plugs turn any device into a smart device simply by allowing you to control when it is powered. You have the ability to schedule your morning coffee or mitigate your electricity usage by turning off appliances that are not in use.

    Just as with the other Wyze elements, your location can be a powerful trigger for Wyze smart plugs. Turn off the plug in your bathroom to make sure you never accidentally leave a hair straightener on.

  • These are just some of the ideas you can use to power up your Wyze smart home devices. Explore our Wyze page to see Applets that were created by the Wyze team and creative IFTTTers around the world.

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