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Step 1: Configure Google+ for SMS You'll need a Google+ account which has a Google Voice account associated with it. You'll also need a phone number associated with your Google Voice account. Go take care of all that if you haven't already. To turn on SMS posting, start by making sure Text Forwarding is turned on in your Google Voice account. Go to your Voice Settings page, then click on the checkbox next to forward text messages to email. Click save changes at the bottom. Now navigate to your Google Plus settings page. Under notification delivery, click on add phone number. Enter your number and then click send verification code. Enter the code when it shows up in your inbox on Google Voice. Once your phone is added to your Google+ account, you'll see an option popup below called SMS Posts. Check the box next to allow posting by SMS. It'll save automatically. Test posting by SMS works by clicking on the red text button on the left and sending a message to 33669. Wait a few seconds and then refresh your Google+ profile page to see the text you just sent over. Step 2) Setting Up IFTTT to Email Google+ Go check your email now. You should have an email from +133669 in your inbox saying your post was shared on Google+. Use the small pulldown next to to me to view the email details. The from field is important. You'll want to copy the portion of the email address after +133669. It should look something like this: This email address can be used to post to Google+ by email. Try it now by emailing something to that address and verifying it shows up on your Google+ profile. Delete both test posts when you are done. That's it! Just set up to email that email when you send a tweet! Thanks to The Geek CEO for providing the information! **If you tweet/retweet a link, the link will post to Google+ and be clickable, but the link will not work. That is an issue on Google's end.**

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