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This service-combination is awesome. There are a lot of Applets for it but none of them works for me as expected. This one creates the following columns: * A: Where (always "work") * B: "entered" or "exited" * C: OccuredAt as String * D: OccuredAt as TimeValue (between 0 and 1) * E: The difference between entered and exited (only for "exited-rows") in hours * F: Pause in minutes (for "exited-rows") with a default of 30 minutes * G: E - 8 hours - F which will basically tell you your amount of overhours for that day (asuming a 8 hours workday) You can =sum column G in the header if you want. If you're exiting at lunch-time, you basically need to delete two rows (and adjust your pause).

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