Siri reminder to Todoist Inbox to task in detail later (ie. for on the fly capture of tasks)

Just ask Siri to set a Reminder (don't worry about a date or deadline - but keep the Reminder simple like "talk to John about Project X"). This will send a task to your Todoist Inbox with a Label: @ToTask (for premium members) with a deadline for the following day. The deadline ensures you attend to actioning the task in a specific project. So, when you go to your Todoist Inbox - you can assign this task to a specific project and schedule it accordingly. This is a quick way to capture things on the fly so you don't forget. The task will be waiting for you to assign it in more detail from your Todoist inbox. Good for when you're out and about and need to make a note of a reminder/task to action later, when you have the time.

by kerrywnash

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