If New ScreenShot Then Append to EverNote

Visualize this... You are having a chat / call with your friend at your home (or someplace) and committed to him "To Do" anything specific (at a later time, lets say) when you reach office next day. So this RECIPE comes in Handy... Just take a SCREENSHOT of your chat-screen / call-log (or anything on your mobile) which can give you a VISUAL REMINDER whenever you see it . That's it!!! Now it will automatically get appended to your Evernote, so that you can refer it anytime later. (TIP: Make your Evernote start automatically in your laptop/PC, so that the appended SCREENSHOT of your mobile phone is READY in front of you on Evernote when you are starting your laptop/PC)... I find this a wonderful reminder tool, which works as per my wish...

by 4ravindra

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