Log my trips to Google Spreadsheet in Metric Format (CND)

This recipe logs data in metric format with your local gas price. - When you fill up simply find the cell below that looks like this =ROUND(({{FuelVolumeGal}} *3.78541)*1.014,2) and replace the 1.014 with you local cost per litre. In the spreadsheet this value will get multiplied by your number of litres to produce an accurate cost (you can format the spreadsheet column to currency so you get the $ sign). --------------- The column titles for this recipe are: Car Name, Start Time, End Time, Duration, Distance (km), Fuel Volume (L), Avg KmPL, Cost (CND - Local Price), Hard Breaks, Hard Accels, >115kph (Mins), >122kph (Mins), >130kph (Mins)

by codemusic

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