Append the contents of Google Scholar alert e-mails to a running note in Evernote.

Google scholar alert e-mails frustrate me because 'processing' them requires a few steps and I'm rarely in the mood to do all the steps for all the items in a given e-mail. By steps I mean looking at the titles to sift out the totally irrelevant stuff from the potential gold, and then clicking through on the potential gold to read abstracts and see what's actually gold, and finally saving that gold for future reading and referencing.<br><br> Appending the contents of an alert e-mail to a note in Evernote means that all these 'leads' are saved in a self-updating way which is *mutable*, allowing me to go through the literature on my own terms and hone the list in whatever way I feel like without needing to worry about fully processing an e-mail's worth in one session. Having the list in an Evernote also allows me to make notes about the abstracts I've read so I can skim them later to decide what paper to read next.

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