Change Mac Desktop Wallpaper when it's raining

Requirements: 1. Dropbox installed in Mac. 2. Hazel installed. 3. Rainy wallpaper. Steps: 1. Put the wallpaper into (Dropbox/IFTTT/Weather) folder. 2. Create new folder (Dropbox/IFTTT/Weather) RULES in Hazel. 3. Create Rules: - If NAME Contains Rain - EXTENSION Is txt Action: - Run AppleScript - embedded script: tell application "Finder" set desktop picture to POSIX file "/Users/YourName/Dropbox/IFTTT/Weather/your-wallpaper-name.jpg" end tell - Move to folder - Trash How it works? Once the Weather change to Rain, IFTTT will upload new text file into "Dropbox/IFTTT/Weather/Rain_Date.txt" format. Hazel detect a new file name contains "Rain" then run the AppleScript to change your stated wallpaper.

by xyfix

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