If Gmail then Dropbox specific folder.Path must be specified in email text.Email have custom subject

Sometime I need to store file in my dropbox from office network, but dropbox was blocked by proxy. With this recipe, i send to myself any file (max 30MB) by email and this file will be saved to my dropbox account in a folder specified in the email text. For example: email subject : yourcustomsubject email text : Documents/Work/ File Attached : filefromoffice.pdf This recipe search any email with "yourcustomsubject" as subject then download the file into my dropbox folder "Documents/Work/". When home, my "filefromoffice.pdf" will be in "Documents/Work/". Limitation: Only 30 Mb for file; Only 1 file for email; Multiple attached files will be ignored and only first will be downloaded; Enjoy!

by ifttt_nano

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