Filter labeled emails to be posted to WP Blog.

In lower Gmail sidebar press "manage labels", then navigate to the tab labeled "Filters and Blocked Addresses". At the bottom of that section press the "Create a new filter" link. A popup appears to help defined which emails to filter. Fill in 'From' to specify an email address/es which will send the post content. Optionally fill in a partial subject or other filters and press "create a filter with this search". I'd also check "skip the Inbox (Archive it)" so the emails don't clutter your inbox. Check "Apply a label" and from that drop-down choose a label or "create new label". Use "WP auto-post" to use Applet as-is or simply edit Applet to match your custom email label name. All emails that fall into this filter will trigger the Applet and post to your WP Blog. By default I have the Applet posting as "private" to WP but you may optionally choose "draft" or "publish".

by mrosata

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