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Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, magic glass, eb glass brand no.1 smart film/smart glass supplier-EB GLASS /EB GLASS Brand/China smart glass/China smart film/China smart pdlc film/ China pdlc smart film/ China pdlc glass/China smart tint/electric window film/China switchable privacy film/switchable privacy glass/China pdlc fim/electronic window film/switchable glass/intelligent glass/ privacy glass/ China digital window shade/ projection screen film/ China electronic film,tv mirror EB SMART GLASS(EBSG) SPD Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, eb glass brand INTRODUCING EB SMART GLASS is an innovative laminated glass that at the touch of a switch, changes its state from transparent to opaque granting instant privacy. It is composed of polymer dispersed liquid crystal film (PDLC). By applying a small electrical current, user can change state from opaque to transparent. EB GLASS provide integrated systems of electronically controllable smart glass that control light and privacy of windows, skylights, doors, partitions, as well as multi-purpose projection screens. Beginning with system design and planning through fabrication and installation, the company is involved at every phase of integration to ensure that customers’ expectations are met or exceeded. EB GLASS also provides you with the possibility to adapt our product as a high resolution LCD screen which permits you to place your projector and relevant equipment behind the screen (retro projection). For the EBSG, we offer: Custom manufactured to your project specification. Complete electrical control system of smart glass for house and automobile application. ON/OFF/Dimming Multi- colors with EBSG for customers’ choice. Products consultant. WHY EB GLASS? Quality assurance Engaged in offering highest quality of standards in aesthetics and functionality, EB GLASS have our R&D to improve products properties. Our Warranty EB GLASS work very hard to offer the highest customer service . We always offer a professional and quick customer care service with our professionalism. Lead Time EB GLASS offers the quickest turnaround for your project all over the world within 20 days lead time. Full range of product service From product consultant to the logistic arrangement, Place your order in EB GLASS, Then everything done by us. CERTIFICATE CE CERTIFICATE SPD Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, eb glass brand SPD Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, eb glass brand FUNCTION of EB GLASS Smart Glass A simple ON/OFF mode switches this intelligent film and glass from frosted (translucent) to clear (transparent). In its frosted state the material becomes a high definition rear projection surface providing privacy and security. APPLICATION -Automotive-Residential-Commercial Building-Marine-Projection-Security-Retail-Bank-Window-Door -Entertainment-Advertising-Health care-Conference-Featured project-Hotel-School-Laboratory EB SMART GLASS GARLLARY SPD Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, eb glass brand Technology -Diagram 1: LC Film is a combination of two electrically conductive films, filled with liquid crystals and polymer. -Diagram 2: LC particles, by electrical connections, stand in one direction to let the light pass through and create transparency. -Diagram 3: As the current is off the particles are scattered in various directions; consequently they partially impede the pass of the light and cause the opacity. SPD Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, eb glass brand EB GLASS SMART GLASS FEATURES -Highest Clarity in the industry -Unprecedented UV Protection of-98% +/- -Saving on heating & cooling costs through Solar reduction -Outstanding tech support and engineering troubleshooting. -Multiple pieces that can be configured to operate in unison or independently. -Control of light transmission with our variable solution -Custom manufacturing to your specifications providing a turn key solution with the best performance in the industry. OPERATING OPTIONS - 220/240VAC-50Hz or 110/120VAC/50Hz plug and play. -Electrical fittings:On/off Transformer/Dimming Transformer/Automotive inverter -Control mode-Switch/remote control -Power of Transformer:50w, 100w, 200w, 800w other customized. -Energy consumption of less than 5 Watts/Square meter -Smart glass operates by applying electric current through a specifically programmed transformer. Depending on the surface area, many panels can be controlled at the same time. ADVANTAGE -CE CERTIFICATE -Immediate control of privacy -Improvement in users with greater security -Efficient use of space in building -Aesthetically attractive -Energy saving, reduced A/C cooling -Low applied voltage -UV protection and stability -Exceptional optical quality -Easy maintenance TECHNICAL DATA -Thickness: 4mm+film+4mm,5mm+film+5mm, 6mm+film+6mm,8mm+film+8mm -Operation mode:On/off, Dimming, remote control. -Max size: 1800*3000mm -Dimension: customized. -Glass raw material: Clear float glass, ultra clear glass, tinted glass -Glass type: laminated glass -Color: Clear, Ultra clear, Light blue, Dark blue, Dark Green, F-green, Bronze, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Orange, -UV Block:98%+1- -Operating Temperature:-20℃ ~ 60℃ (-4℉ ~ 140℉) -Storage temperature: -40℃~ 60℃ -Visible angle:150° -Rated Voltage: 48-60VAC -Power consumption: less than 5watt/square meter. -Switch speed:<45 millsecond -Wok life: 50000Hours. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM SPD Smart glass, switchable glass, pdlc glass, smart pdlc glass, eb glass brand PACKING -WOODEN CRATE. EB GLASS SMART FILM video link show -smart glass Office application: -Smart glass online test: FAQs -What is MOQ? Small order quantity is acceptable. -Can you project on Smart glass? Yes, smart glass is ideal as a projection screen. -Does it block the UV harmful rays? it blocks over 98%+- UV -Is smart glass energy efficient? It is less than 5 watts per square meter. -How much does smart glass cost? Pls just be informed your dimension and quantity. Cost will be calculated shortly. -What’s the lead time? Generally within 20 days. -How can i purchase or get a quote? Pls simple email or call us with your details of your project. -Is there any electrical fittings with smart glass? Yes, we have transformer with remote control to go with glass. -Do you Install? No, we only supply & delivery our smart glass. -Can it get wet? Yes, it applied for wet rooms. -Can the glass be joint with clear joints? Yes, you can have a clear silicone joint. -How to clean my smart glass? Clean with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and sharp instruments. -What’s the sound insulation of smart glass? Appx. 36dB. contact email: ebinternational (at) 126 dot com whatsapp/mob:+86-136-6546-1054 skype:francisdong6093

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