Recurring Tasks on Trello

Here's how it works, so pay attention! :) Example - let's say that every other Friday you need to send a report to the boss, and you want it to automatically pop up on a Trello board and list. I use a "Today" list for stuff I need to do today. Duh. 1. Go into Google Calendar 2. Create a recurring event in Google Calendar (like from 8am to 8am you're going to run a report. If you're worried about it showing you as busy, just click "I'm available" so it doesn't look like an actual calendar meeting) 3. Make sure you choose a calendar event title that is unique that this recipe can search for. (Ex. Report for My Bozo Boss). 4. In this recipe put "Report for My Bozo Boss" in the search field, add your board to send it to, and viola! It will show up on that board on that day. If someone has a better way to set up recurring tasks in Trello, let me know. Thanks!

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