Convert email to PDF and save it to Google Drive

This recipe is designed to automatically convert emails to to PDF and then save those PDFs to a specified folder in your Google Drive. I created this because I was tired of manually saving email receipts as PDFs for my taxes each year. So how does this work? 1.) Send or forward an email to 2.) will send the email back to you as a PDF 3.) This recipe will then add the PDF to your Google Drive (in the folder you specify) TIP: for extra automation, create a IFTTT recipe that will automatically filter your emails (let's say, emails that match the search of "Amazon Purchase Receipt") and forward them to Here are the steps for that: 1.) Go to My Recipes, then click Create Recipe 2.) Click on "this" and search for Gmail (or your preferred email client) and click on it. 3.) Select the option of "New email in inbox from search for" and in the field, type in the subject of the email you want to trigger (EX: Amazon Purchase Receipt) 4.) For the THEN portion, search for Gmail (or your email client) and click on it. 5.) Click "send an email from" 6.) In the "to address" field, type in That's it! With both recipes in place, when you receive a particular email, it will automatically create a PDF and save it to your Google Drive. Huge time saver!

by ryanesta

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