Google Plus to Tumblr: Create Draft Post in Tumblr from a Notification from a G+ Community, filtered

- first, log into +IFTTT and make sure your GMail account and Tumblr account are activated - back to G+ and switch notifications on from a G+ community of your choosing - create a relevant label in GMail to store said notifications (this label will be your temporary post title in Tumblr drafts) - create a filter in GMail by subject, not e-mail address, using: [community name]* --- this is because the subject in GMail always begins with the 'community name' in brackets from whence the notification came; the subsequent asterix means anything can follow the close bracket and the filter will still work - switch on this IFTTT recipe - this will then forward the e-mail notification to your activated Tumblr blog via IFTTT - the label you have created in GMail + the timestamp will be the temporary post title --- I've done this because, if you're using multiple recipes from multiple communities, you'll want to differentiate in the Tumblr drafts dashboard which is from where and when - the post body will be the e-mail subject + e-mail body - tags: for this IFTTT example, I've only set a 'social media' tag as the notifications are from the "Social Media Marketing for Small Business" community - obviously, as you're saving each e-mail notification as a draft, you can re-title, tag and manipulate the content before you re-post as a curated article to your heart's content. It's long-winded to create, well, not now as I've set up the mechanics here on IFTTT, but once you activate it, all posts from any Google Plus community will be fetched into GMaiil, filtered (you can set the filter to "archive", so they need never clog your inbox) and forwarded to Tumblr as a draft ready to curate and post. Tip - consider installing XKit if you're using Tumblr - free extension on Chrome Webstore: - makes Tumblr dashboard awesome!

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