Tell Alexa to lock up at night


Say "Trigger lock down" (or your own custom phrase) to let Alexa know it's time to lock up the house. She'll turn off your Hue lights, make sure your Garageio closes your garage door, and mute your Android phone.


Amazon Alexa icon
Say a specific phrase

This trigger fires every time you say "Alexa trigger" + the phrase that you have defined. For instance, if you set "party time" as the phrase, you can say "Alexa trigger party time" to have your lights loop colors.


Philips Hue icon
Turn off lights

This Action will turn off your hue lights.


Android Device icon
Mute ringtone

This action will mute your Android device's ringtone. If your device is already muted, it will remain muted.


Garageio icon
Close garage door

This Action will close the garage door you specify. If the garage door is already closed, the door will remain closed.

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