If the Broadlink "EnterHome" is pressed, then send trigger to Alexa and set tado to auto mode


This applet is used to drive, on the basis of broadlink trigger, an action on Alexa and the auto heating mode to tado heating. If you are able to create a routine in broadlink that understand when you enter home, this will also allow you to drive tado heating and Alexa in "Home" mode. In order to do this mix broadlink routines and IFTTT "enter area" applets.


BroadLink icon
Button trigger

Make buttons and control other services with a single tap.


Alexa Actions by mkZense icon

This service from mkZense will send an action to run a routine on your Alexa device. Use it to add Voice to your Applet.


tadoº Heating icon
Return to tado⁠° automatic control

This Action will return control of your heating to tado⁠°, using your user-defined settings (e.g. location and Smart Schedule) to automatically determine the right room temperature.

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