Populate my Google Sheet every time Octopus Agile price changes


By setting the threshold target price to 36 pence this Applet will populate a row in a Google Sheet titled Octopus_Agile in the folder octopus_agile every time the price changes. The data populated can be constrained to before and after times - e.g. if you just wish to track morning prices. The rows in the Google sheet will have date/time, price, time the Applet was triggered, price used to trigger and the optional before/after time setting.


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Energy price change

Use this trigger to fire something when your electricity price falls or rises past your set threshold and between your preferred time settings.


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Add row to spreadsheet

This action will add a single row to the bottom of the first worksheet of a spreadsheet you specify. Note: a new spreadsheet is created after 2000 rows.

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